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Twenty something

I am deeply humbled by life.

First of all, I was under the impression that all I had to do was graduate (2nd in class!) and finish high school (Many Points?!) <—– (Yes these are humble brags but they’re only to prepare myself for what I have to write next which is the opposite of bragging) and I’d be set for life.

Well now. I could give you valid reasons as to why I haven’t made it yet in this life thing. Reasons which sound like: Continue reading “Twenty something”

5 more minutes

My eyes fly open, startled by the garbled conversation just outside my window. I can’t believe I actually fell asleep here, in the back seat of my car in the parking lot basement.. at work. This is what I’m having for lunch, sleep. And honestly sleep tastes better than any pizza in the world ¬†would right now.

I never pictured life after school because I had this overwhelming sense of dread that it was going to be bad and its actually a teeny tiny bit worse, by a margin. My heart beats faster as I explore the possibility of being discovered and I play around with the event in my mind. There is a lot of humiliation and maybe just a little bit of humor. Why does the intern have to sneak off to her car for a nap during lunch? What could she possibly be so tired from? “We all get tired right?”

Nobody mentioned that you are tired all. the. time.

Sum up adulthood in one word? Exhaustion

Because let’s face it, this is where I’ll be the same time tomorrow – taking a nap for lunch.