Look at God!

People need people. No one can be completely and utterly self-sufficient. In one indirect way or another you’re going to need somebody. Here’s a scenario: You’re in boarding school down to your last cent and you don’t dare ask for more money from your mother because of so many reasons. This woman is literally doing […]

Twenty something

I am deeply humbled by life. First of all, I was under the impression that all I had to do was graduate (2nd in class!) and finish high school (Many Points?!) <—– (Yes these are humble brags but they’re only to prepare myself for what I have to write next which is the opposite of […]


There’s no emptiness I know that’s quite like unfulfillment It leaves your stomach hungry and your chest empty Your soul a wonderer that doesn’t rest. So you eat a little more You smile a little harder and you drink like your father. -Discontent Picture: Woman thinking – Etude by fredericforest