Look at God!

People need people. No one can be completely and utterly self-sufficient. In one indirect way or another you’re going to need somebody.

Here’s a scenario:notepad.png

You’re in boarding school down to your last cent and you don’t dare ask for more money from your mother because of so many reasons. This woman is literally doing the most for you and your private school education from thousands of kilometres away. You’re also a little angry at her because you feel abandoned.

You have a father who’s also not your father because he tells you “I don’t have custody over you, that’s not my problem”.But then that day on a road you’re not supposed to be, walking the path of someone else, you bump into a strange lady, she smiles at you and says you look just like your mother (this is a lie she was probably just being nice) who gives you a way too much money for sweets. Your heart lifts with glee. You won’t be eating any sweets tonight but you’ll rest easy knowing you can pay for external exams like all the other kids. You walk away

Okay so most of that scenario is true, not the part you’d think though.

Alice at 10 was like “Wow, I’m so lucky”.

Alice at 15 would probably be like “What a kind stranger.”

Alice at 24 is like “Wow! Look at God.”

At the beginning of this piece I was on the opposing end. I don’t like people. All they seem to do is walk around breaking other people. When I was little I’d talk to God. Our conversations would usually go like, “Why’d you make me a person? Id much sooner be an angel by your side.” “Being a sheep seems nice.” Why am I here?

I no longer ask these questions. I know better, so I try to do and say better. Now our conversations sound a lot like, “Thank you so much” every day, with the occasional “Okay let’s do this, I can’t do this without you.”.


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